Sunday in the Park © 2008 James Dimagiba, All Rights Reserved
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The figures are Smorking Mongers by Kid Robot, little figures smoking. I was hopping
for the cigarette smoking the cigarette because it would be easy, but my blind box revealed
these two hooligans. Originally, I had difficulty coming up with a concept that didn't
feel like it was just "making do." When I did come up with the concept, it was surprising at
how quickly I made the connection when all the elements where in place. Hopefully,
that isn't a statement on my personality, but the result of a culture that just throws this at you.

The overall styling was inspired by the works of George Fulton. His images carry remarkable detail.
There is just so much to all of his work that when you see it, you just get drawn in, and then you see
little bits of humor or that tiny element that just makes the image. My technique is a little different than
what I think his technique is (I haven't worked with him, let alone met him, so I don't know fully how
he assembles his shots. I can see a lot of compositiing and multiple images, but the nuances are his secrets
to keep). I am actually using High Dynamic Range. I won't go into detail, since you can click and learn
for youself if you are inclined, but I chose to do it this way because I wanted to add to the surreal nature
of the image. I mean, it's two ice cream cones smoking cigarettes.